Adult Education

Jewish, Alive, & American

This is our Introduction to Judaism course; a two-year series of 30 sessions each that is an introduction to the Jewish experience and to living a committed Jewish life. Although this is a requirement for those interested in choosing Judaism, it is a great way for people who are born Jewish to understand the tradition better, explore the interaction between the heritage and our contemporary experience, and get a great guide for further exploration on their own. 

Jewish, Alive, & American is held on Tuesdays. Call the office to register: (702) 436-4900. (New adult learners are welcome, as well as returning students.)

Beginning Hebrew Studies and Beyond

Using the L’Shon HaKodesh beginning Hebrew book for adults, students master the consonants and vowels of the Hebrew alphabet while learning basic vocabulary, reading skills, and grammar. As students become more proficient, additional classes are offered with more advanced resources.

And You Shall Be Holy

“And You Shall Be Holy” is an introduction to Mussar. Every other Monday at 7pm. An opportunity to develop our soul-traits/Middot to help us live up to our divine potential, through text study, awareness, reflection, and experiential practice. This 20-week commitment is an introduction to truly transformative spirituality. 

Mussar Chaburah

We are looking for individuals who have studied Mussar, so we can form a cohort studying Chaburah, the shadow middot. If you are interested, please notify Rabbi Mintz by email HERE! or call 702-436-4900.

Special Class – Joshua with Reb Jamie


Exploration of the Book of Joshua Tuesday Nights starting 10-27-20 $18 for Members, $36 for Non-Members Register Now!

Special Class – Joshua with Reb Jamie

We may be heading back to beginning with our Torah reading cycle, but the story continues.  Join us for a 3-session exploration of the Book of Joshua.

Tuesday nights, 10/27, 11/3,  11/10.  7:00 – 8:15 PM

$18 for members, $36 for non-members

A Conversation with Rabbi Arthur Waskow on His New Book: Dancing in God’s Earthquake

At 2 p.m., Sunday, November 8th, in honor of Jewish Book Month, Congregation P’nai Tikvah will host a virtual conversation between its Rabbi Emerita, Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, and one of the prophetic voices of our time, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, focusing on his most recent book:  Dancing in God’s Earthquake.  The Zoom call will be interactive, following up the conversation with ample time for Q and A from viewers. 

The book, due out in October, can be pre-ordered through Orbis Publishers or Amazon.  It already has rave reviews:

            “A wonderful book!  Before the hierarchies and divisions of religions, there was the all-inclusive circle of spirituality.  In Dancing in God’s Earthquake, Rabbi Arthur Waskow helps us trace our path back to our spiritual home.” –Gloria Steinem.

            “Rabbi Waskow calls each of us to reach down deep in our moral and religious traditions and have a grown-up conversation about the response our present crisis requires.  I’m glad to lift up this invitation for all to join the divine dance of love and justice.”—Reverend William J. Barber, II, President of Repairers of the Breach and Co-Chair of the Poor People’s Campaign    

            “Like poetry on a cold day, this book warms the heart and mind both.  A fierce look at religion, a willingness to question history, to see the connections between the world’s faiths, to suggest how we might move forward from today’s hard times.” – Ruth Messinger, American Jewish World Service.

            “The Jewish people’s most revolutionary theologian is at it again, trying to waken us out of our moral slumber, before it is too late.  The ancient prophet said:  ‘A lion roars? Who will not fear?’  Waskow is our roaring lion.”—Rabbi Arthur Green, Rector of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College

Rabbi Waskow, Ph.D., DHL (honorary), is founder and executive director of the Shalom Center, since 1983.  He was a Resident Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies from 1962-1977, on the faculty of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, from 1982-1989, and has authored or co-authored numerous books, including: Freedom Seder (1969); Godwrestling  Round 2 (1999); Seasons of Our Joy (1980; 3d rev. ed., 2013); Down-to-Earth Judaism  (1996);Tent of Abraham; A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven;  Freedom Journeys; and  Dancing in God’s Earthquake : The Coming Transformation of Religion (October 2020.

He was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement in Human Rights” by Truah; Co-founder, National Havurah Community & ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal. An activist to this day, Rabbi Waskow has been arrested 24 times, advocating for: racial equality, peace, freedom, and eco-sanity. He is considered a pioneer in the movements for: 2-state Israel/Palestine peace; women’s & GLBTQ equality; religious campaign to end US government use of torture; and shaping Eco-Judaism in theology, ritual, practice, & activism.

Cost for Members: $5, non-Members $18.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Dancing in G_d's Earthquake

Simchat Chochmah

More than an adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah, this course is tailored to the senior who wishes to learn to read and chant from the Torah and then apply his or her life’s experience to a major mitzvah legacy project.

Adult B’nai Mitzvah

Adults have the opportunity to study Torah, learn how to chant, and co-lead a service.

Sign up by calling (702) 436-4900 or email

Melton Adult Mini School

About the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School

Las Vegas is now a community that boasts having Melton here! “Give us 2 hours, and we’ll give you 5777 years” in three convenient facilities: the JCC in Summerlin and Henderson. The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School is a world pioneer in the field of adult Jewish education. With its international headquarters at the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a national office for North America in Northbrook, IL, the Mini-School, a social franchise, forms an international network of community-based schools offering adults the opportunity to acquire Jewish literacy in an open, trans-denominational, intellectually stimulating learning environment.

The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world. Founded in 1986 at the initiative of Florence Zacks Melton, a community activist and longtime supporter of Jewish education, the Mini-School initially opened with three pilot sites in North America. Driven by her vision, there are now 62 Mini-Schools in 60 cities throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, attended weekly by some 5,500 students.

What Makes the Mini-School Unique?

  • Commitment to Learning: Students enroll in a sequential two-year course developed specifically for adult learners. They meet one day a week throughout the academic year. There are no examinations. The only prerequisite is a commitment to learn. The Mini-School infuses students with a desire to make Jewish learning a way of life which often continues beyond the first two years into Mini-School graduate courses.
  • Sophisticated Curriculum: Four text-based courses make up the sequential two-year curriculum written by a team of experts at the Hebrew University’s Melton Centre for Jewish Education – the world’s largest academic center for Jewish education.
  • Quality Teaching and Learning: To preserve the high standards which are the hallmark of the Mini-School, all faculty members – educators within the community – must participate in ongoing professional enrichment programs. This also contributes to the community’s educational resources. Questioning and dialogue are encouraged in a pluralistic classroom environment.
  • Israel-Diaspora Partnership: Jewish Federations, Jewish Community Centers, Bureaus of Jewish Education and community coalitions are the Hebrew University’s partners in the Mini-School. This ensures a community commitment to maintaining the high level of quality expected of each Mini-School. There are study and enrichment seminars for alumni, faculty and directors at the Hebrew University: the Israel Seminar for Graduates, the Faculty Israel Seminar and the International Directors Conference.