Sukkot Celebrations  

WHAT: Sukkah Hop Celebrations 

WHEN: Sunday, October 7, 1pm

WHERE: Rabbi Mintz’s Home

BRING: Please bring a side dish to share.


Join us in the Sukkah for a nosh, to shake the lulav and etrog and participate in the mitzvah of “Leishev baSukkah” (sitting in the Sukkah). Just call ahead (702) 436-4900. 

Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles is an outdoor joyous and fascinating seven-day festival. Throughout the week of Sukkot, we eat, sleep and socialize in a Sukkah. Here’s an excerpt from By Rabbi Susan P. Fendrick on Ritualwell:

The festival of Sukkot is named for the huts or booths in which Jews are supposed to dwell during this weeklong holiday. Traditionally, this means doing as much as possible in a sukkah that one would normally do in one’s home, such as eating, studying, even sleeping (a favorite with children).

These temporary structures are built outside our homes, of materials from plants and trees (wood, bamboo, palm fronds, tree branches, and the like). The roof of a sukkah should provide more shade than sunlight during the day, yet the stars should be visible through it at night.

Sukkot are traditionally understood to represent the clouds that accompanied the Israelites during their wanderings in the desert (symbolizing and manifesting God accompanying them on their journey), the provisional homes they would erect along the way, and the temporary huts in which farmers would dwell during harvest time (one of the many names of Sukkot is chag ha’asif, the harvest festival).

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