The Sin City Schmoozer Volume 1

This special Sin City Schmoozer gossip column provides updates on the personalities featured in Congregation P’nai Tikvah’s Grandma Sadie Is Getting Married….Again? This interactive dinner theater experience that will take place on
Sunday, January 26, 2014 at the Adelson Educational Campus.
Visit for tickets and for more information.
Darlings! It’s me!
Bella Abramowitz here with the latest “schmooze.”

So now, mamalas, you can get my blogging instead of shlepping to read my premier gossip column in the fast growing Sin City Schmoozer. Giggle me to see photos. Of course I’m now a blonde and except for the bad Botox (that yenta from Wrinkles ‘R Us should only drop dead!). I could pass for 35. Ok, 39.

But enough about me. THE BIG NEWS IS THE BELOVED GRANDMA SADIE PITKIN IS BACK IN TOWN WITH A SECRET! Alevai, as everyone in Sin City knows, our Sadie—whose family struck silver in Eureka, Nevada, while on a trip from her native Brooklyn—is the second richest Jewish woman in Valley. But more… at least one Jewish charity is doing a Hora. Who else but The Sadie would fully fund the LOPMR (Left Over Pesach Matzo Research Center), so we Jews, after 3500 years, can finally get rid of the 80 boxes before it starts an affliction!

After spending two years in Israel with her delightful frum daughter, Freima, to set up a LOPMR Technion Annex, she said she missed the desert, her other two daughters… and just between us, the Sea Food Buffet at Terribles.

Now for THE BIG SECRET. After all, who would this legend tell but her BOYF (Best Old Yenta Friend)? Yours truly, of course!

AFTER 35 YEARS … OUR SADIE IS GETTING MARRIED AGAIN! Yes. At age 82, she found her Mister Right. Mazel Tov, Sadala! Which only goes to prove you’re never too old to find true love. Oy, I’m verklempt with emotion! I’m meeting him next week.

Details to follow, but keep
Sunday, January 26, 2014 open for the big affair, my darling readers.

Shalom from your Bella
The Sin City Schmoozetta!

P.S. So dear readers, for those who do not know these fabulous words…

Schmooze – Talk intimately and cozily; gossip.
Mamalas – Term of endearment, ‘mother dear.’
Shlepping – Drag, carry or haul, particularly unnecessary things, parcels or baggage; to go somewhere unwillingly.
Alevai – It should only happen! May it come to pass!
Pesach – Hebrew for the holiday of Passover.
Frum – Very devout, religious.
Hora – Israeli Dance danced in a circle with everybody at all Jewish celebrations
Yenta – Meddler, gossiper, busybody, nuisance.
Mazel Tov – Good luck!
Verklempt – choked with emotion.
Shalom – Hello, goodbye, peace.