Auditions for Grandma Sadie is Getting Married…Again! are being held October 8th and 16th and mishegoss (craziness) is in the air! Click below for more information here about the ‘show and kvel’ fun to take place on Sunday, January 26th. The great yenta and gossip columnist, Bella Abramowitz, has featured Sadie in her latest column – Click here for additional information.

Congregation P’nai Tikvah announces…



The show will be a part scripted, part improvised dinner theater production. An opportunity to hone up on your acting skills, (or develop them), work with current and future friends and have a great time making Grandma Sadie’s Wedding… the Event of the Year. Acting experience not required just an outgoing, fun personality.

Audition Dates: Tuesday, October 8th – 6:00pm – 10:00pm & Wednesday, October 16th – 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Audition Location: The Clubhouse, Casa Del Sol Apartments, 5100 O’Bannon Street, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Whether you are a thespian or (you should pardon the expression) a ham, we welcome all of you who want to be a part of what will , no doubt, be the hippest, hokiest, happiest event of the new year. Please bring a headshot, snapshot, any photo will do.

Roles: See below for the roles to be filled.

Details: The performance will take place at the Adelson Educational Campus. Rehearsals will begin in late October. They will be conducted primarily in the evening on weekdays, but will be based on cast availability.

Contact: To set up your audition please call or contact:                                       Larry Bernstein – (702) 325 2693 –

Auditions are open to all, irrespective of faith background. No performers will be receiving pay for this production. It is a labor of love to benefit the services and programs of the congregation.




Marty Slivowitz – 40 year old son of the Groom. A would be producer-waiter, actor-waiter writer-waiter. Thinks he is a genius and if he had the money, he could prove it.

Selma-Pitkin Mishkoff – Sadie’s eldest daughter. She and her husband are about to be indicted for all kinds of frauds. She denies it and tries to keep up appearances – in total denial. Very Nouveau Riche- in her late 50’s.

Bernie Mishkoff – Selma’s husband. The whole legal thing has driven him. literally… nuts. He is constantly yelling – in His late 50’s.

Brenda Mishkoff – at 21, came back from college last month 6 months pregnant. Selma says her husband is a marine biologist in Ecuador. She says she was drunk at a frat party. She brags about the fabulous sex.

Aunt Feima  -Ultra religious. Lives in Israel. Nothing is kosher enough for her. Wears a messy wig and dark clothes. Determined to bring back the old days of eastern Europe when Jews were real Jews. Around 45.

Reb Schmuel – Her husband. In his late 40’s with rough long beard. Asking everyone for money to bring back the “old” days in Israel.

Avram  – (Age 21) Their Yeshiva student son. His parents base their future on him.  Until he meets Cousin Buffy and all bets are off.

Millicent Von Krump – Formerly Miriam. Moved to NY to go to Barnard 20 years ago and met and Married Peter Von Krump and instantly became a WASP. A patron of the arts. Only reason she is here is for Sadie’s money  – Age 40.

Peter Von Krump – Age 45. NY stockbroker and prototypical WASP. He wants nothing to do with these “refugees” but wants to invest Sadie’s money.

Buffy von Krump –21 year old daughter. She is hot and excited to be in sin city. Thinks her parents are creeps and is hot for Avram and goes after him.

Rabbi Schlomo Von Machsta – 30-50 years old. Standup comic. With a stable of very bad jokes.

The Bag Lady – 35-40. None one knows where she comes from. Collect food from each table and puts it in her bag. “are you going to finish this ?”

Janitor – Age 50+. Just wants everyone to get married or not and get out so he can go home.


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