The Noah Story for Adults

Congregation P’nai Tikvah  – Nov 4, 2016 | 5777

It says in the Torah that during the time of Noah, there was corruption in the world. G-o-d regretted creating the world, because life in the world had become corrupt. So G-o-d decided to bring a flood to destroy everything that was standing. In other words, the flood would destroy everything that was not in the ark or swimming in the flood waters. G-o-d also committed to beginning life again after the flood, and to start that beginning with Noah and his family and the animals that Noah gathered into the ark.

When the ark was ready, it began to rain. When the rain started, Noah went into the ark, together with his wife, their three sons and their sons’ wives. Noah also took the animals into the ark.

The flood continued for 40 days. Then the ark floated on the waters for another 150 days and then the ark finally rested on a mountain top. Eventually, the waters receded enough for Noah and his family to leave the ark and let out the animals.

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