HaazinuMoses’ Song

It is your life. You can do this. You’ve got this. You have to try.

D’var Torah, Friday 9/21/2018 –  Kolot Kehillah (Voices of Our Community) speaker – Cindy Fox


My name is Cindy Fox. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share this Shabbat’s Torah ParashaHa’azinu – Moses’ Song.

32:1   Listen heaven! I will speak! Earth! Hear the words of my mouth!

32:2   My lesson shall drop like rain, my saying shall flow down like the dew – like a downpour on the herb, like a shower on the grass.

It’s another remarkable Torah portion! Moses/Moshe presents his song – beautiful, profound poetry. Two Hebrew words for listen/to hear open the parashah/portion – Ha’azinu with a root that means ear; and Shema – to hear.

Written in two columns reminding me of our Shabbat Candles – shamor v’zachor… (to guard and to remember) there is a vast space between – it speaks to the difficult, but important balance and life-changing action launched from using the different types of listening/hearing… the physical/intellectual and the spiritual/emotional. How amazing that this is a song – further deepening the connections of listening/hearing with all of our being… the physical/intellectual and the spiritual/emotional.

Moses has reached the end of his journey. He will not reach the Promised Land as he had anticipated through all his life’s trials and tribulations. He knows that this next generation is about to face a serious change in their reality. A time of significant challenge and transition – without him…  And yet, he leaves a lasting G!d-legacy by singing the Torah to life. He sings his song!

32:3   When I proclaim God’s name, praise God for His greatness.

32:4   The deeds of the Mighty One are perfect, for all His ways are just. He is a faithful God, never unfair; righteous and moral.

Under the magnifying glass, his song speaks to the faults, shortcomings, and scandalous behaviors past and present…. so that the next generations will choose not to go down that path.

32:5   Destruction is His children’s fault, not G!ds own, you warped and twisted generation.

32:6   Is this the way you repay God, you ungrateful, unwise nation? Is He not your Father, your Master, the One who made and established you?

Will the next generation remember? He continues…

32:10  G!d brought them into being in a desert region, in a desolate, howling wasteland. He encompassed them and granted them wisdom, protecting them like the pupil of His eye.

32:11 Like an eagle arousing its nest, hovering over its young, He spread His wings and took them, carrying them on His pinions.

32:12 God alone guided them; there was no alien power with Him.

32:13 He carried them over the earth’s highest places, to feast on the crops of the field. He let them suckle honey from the bedrock, oil from the flinty cliff.

32:14 [They had] the cheese of cattle, milk of sheep, fat of lambs, rams of the Bashan, and luscious fat wheat. They drank the blood of grapes for wine.

In this last song to last for many ages, Moshe/Moses understands that each generation moves into new realities, in this instance from the desert to a new land filled with promise, but unknown nevertheless. Life’s journeys can be difficult. It takes the energy of truly listening and hearing, integrating the lessons learned on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels…  to live up to the promise of our potential no matter where the journey takes us. Moses wants his generations to remember and celebrate the gifts G!d has provided and to use this as their motivating obligation to live wise, just, and moral lives (and not to be a warped and twisted generation.)

32:44 Moses came and proclaimed all the words of this song to the people…

32:45 When Moses had finished speaking all these words to all Israel,

32:46 he said to them, ‘Pay close attention to all the words through which I warn you today, so that you will be able to instruct your children to keep all the words of this Torah carefully.

32:47 It is not an empty teaching for you. It is your life, and with it you will long endure on the land which you are crossing the Jordan to occupy.’

It is your life. The Torah is saying… “You can do this. You’ve got this. You have to try.”


Life sometimes throws us unexpected chaos – a time of significant challenge and transition. We just can’t make it better. What are we to do?

This has been quite a summer in our family’s life, it is an experience in which I have been shaken not stirred.

I got the call from an ER Nurse. “I think we have you son here. He remembered your phone number, but cannot remember his name or anything else.” I rush to the hospital. He’s shirtless. Shoeless. He was brought to the hospital in a state of confusion in an ambulance – they call it altered consciousness.

Frightened and upset, as he started coming out of it, he was most upset that the EMTs wouldn’t listen or hear his answers to the questions they asked. They didn’t understand or try to learn who he was and they thought he was on drugs (he wasn’t). We pieced together the day’s crisis. I found his car, and the manager of the 7-11 who shared more details.

His complaints of headaches and visual disturbances continued. There’s no roadmap to recovery or resolution of his symptoms. He stopped driving. He couldn’t work. We all tried to pitch in. This strong vibrant intense young man was about to find he would face a new reality.

He was diagnosed with IIH – Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension – swelling of the brain without any known cause.

We are all experiencing a difficult new truth. It’s hard. We are all so so worried about every change. Every symptom. Every ache or visual aberration.  Keeping the phone by our side so that we’re right here if…..

During this time, a dear friend who is a reiki energy healer provided him with a healing session. During this time, my mother came to visit him in a vision. Her message, “You’ve got this. It is not easy. But you will find the way to be more than you ever thought was possible with your new reality. Because you won’t give up. You will face this. You’ll try. You’ve got this.”

The journey is not easy.  

I happened to be surfing on FB when this link appeared of Mandy Harvey and her story on America’s Got Talent:


This is the message for anyone facing a new reality. You’ve got this. It is not easy. But you will find the way to be more than you ever thought was possible with your new reality. Because you won’t give up. You will face this. You’ll try. And in that moment of trying… we bring G!d into being.

It’s a message that even our tiny sweet Congregation continues to learn in a time of transition… We did not give up. We pulled together and each brought muscle, voices, or simply were present. And we were able witness, hear and listen to the wonderful and surprisingly profound High Holiday services that were sung into existence by so many who channeled the source of light into all of our lives.

Every day is a new reality. Wherever you have been, or are, or are going. It will not be easy. But you can do it. You have to try. It’s a new day to sing your song. To heaven and earth! Ha’azinu! What will your song be this year?

May it be your song of service, of joy, of celebration, or justice and of love that inspires the next generation to come. Ken ye hi ratzone.

Shabbat Shalom.