Accentuating the Positive

Yom Kippur Day

By Rabbi Pamela Frydman

As Jews, we like to think of ourselves as unique. No one else has suffered as much as we have suffered. No one else is expected to follow as many mitzvoth – commandments – as we are expected to follow. No one else has as many opinions as we do. And no one has as much capacity for subtlety and innuendo as we do. The Jewish ability to understand subtlety and innuendo is embodied in the followed joke:

Three men are sitting on a park bench. They are all good friends. They have just been to the synagogue to pray. They are on their way home and they have taken a shortcut through the park. It is a lovely day and they have decided to sit on a bench and schmooze for a while before continuing to their respective homes. The conversation starts slowly. One man says, “Nu?” And the second answers, “Nu? Nu?” Whereupon the third man says, “Look, if you don’t stop talking politics, I’m leaving.”

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