A Creative Chanukah Assignment

Chevreh:  With thanks to my colleague, Rabbi Misha at the New Shul in New York, here is a fun project for Chanukah:

A Creative Chanukah Assignment 

The Talmud ties the lighting of the Chanukkah candles to the notion of Pirsum HaNeis “advertising the miracle.” There are lights in the darkness everywhere, and it’s our job to notice them and share the news of their existence with those around us.

1. Take a few minutes with your family, someone close, or in writing if you prefer, to think about a moment in your life in which you saw somebody or something act as a source of light.

2. Find a creative way to answer this question: What is a source of light in your world that deserves advertising? 

You can take a photo, create a video, write or share a poem you love, create or share a drawing or a piece of art, tell a story, or just answer the question!

3. Once you’re done, send us your creation or a picture or video of your answer. During our Chanukkah celebration, we will take time to take a look at all these sources of light.

Send to Rabbi Mintz at gkmintz@aol.com, by Wednesday, December 16.

Chag HaChanukah  Sameiach!

–Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Reb Jamie Hyams, Cantor Marla Goldberg